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Our name says it all.  We are about Public Entry and Access for everyone ... off road users, bicyclists, hikers, picnickers, and anyone else who enjoys outdoor activities on public lands.


Cedar Mesa ATV Trail

To view the BLM EA (Environmental Assessment) document for the Cedar Mesa ATV Trail, please click here.
For information about commenting on the EA, please click here.

Recent Activities

Hole-in-the-Rock Trail Maintenance - March 23, 2013

CCC Trail Maintenance - May 19, 2012

Trail Tales

Feelings regarding ATV riding by Iris Johnson

A heartfelt recollection of old friends and ATVs by Joe F. Lyman.

Opportunities to Comment

To find out more about the following BLM projects or to offer comments, see the instructions below about the environmental notification bulletin board (ENBB).  We encourage all SPEAR members to comment on projects of interest.

San Juan ATV Safari - 2013 SRP:  posted June 3, 2013

New Travel Routes for Monticello TMP (Travel Management Plan): posted May 29, 2013

Environmental Notification Bulletin Board

The BLM's environmental notification bulletin board (ENBB) lists current BLM projects.  To view the bulletin board, click here.  To view local projects on the bulletin board, do the following:

1) Click on the Advance Search tab near the top of the page.
2) Select a field office from the pull-down list of offices.  This would typically be Monticello or Moab.
3) Click on "Search Record" to get a list of all the current projects in the selected field office.
4) To get more information about a specific project, click the magnifying glass to the left of the project's NEPA number.
5) On the project details page there will be a brief description of the project, contact information and additional information such as maps and documents.  Near the bottom of the page there may be an "Add a Comment Here" link.  If you make a comment, be sure and include the appropriate wording in the subject line.